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Robust Testing
For Reliable Software


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    End-to-end testing and QA expertise by 100+ experienced professionals
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    Automation Testing/IoT Testing/DevOps Testing/On-Demand QA

Here, Early QA
Catches The Bug

Testrig defined in a few lines

Experts at Testrig are competent in addressing quality issues early in the development cycle. As an Esteemed Software Testing Company, We take Testing as a Proactive Quality Function than Reactive Task, helping Reduce Development Costs and Risks, besides Improving the Overall Software Quality with our cutting-edge Software QA Testing Services.  

3 Pillars That Help Us Outperform

Here, Early QA
Catches The Bug

Testrig defined in a few lines

Experts at Testrig are competent in addressing quality issues early in the development cycle. We take Testing as a Proactive Quality Function than Reactive Task, helping Reduce Development Costs and Risks, besides Improving the Overall Software Quality.

3 Pillars That Help Us Outperform
Flexible Test Setup – Scalable As Per
Technical Or Business Need
Good With Automation And
Customization – For Better Test Result
Test Us Before We Test Your Product
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All Roads Lead To Robust Testing

Popular QA offerings

Automation Testing

With right choice of tools and experts to overcome challenges, we deliver QA automation testing services that guarantee quality & ROI.

AI-ML Testing

Our Al- ML testing frameworks can efficiently identify pitfalls, and with constant updates to the algorithms, it is possible to discover even minor errors.

IoT Testing

Using our technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets ensure the quality of your IoT products and protect your business.

On Demand QA

From security to usability issues – diverse need for QA can arise at any point in your product’s lifecycle. Get more done with on demand QA testing services by experienced tester, executed with latest tools & technologies.

Mobile Testing

Elevate your mobile applications with our expert Mobile Testing Services. Our comprehensive QA processes guarantee seamless performance across diverse platforms, delivering flawless user experiences.

API Testing

In today’s world of cloud applications, IoTs, and digital connections, APIs are of utmost significance.


Your enterprise’s success relies heavily on the dependable and uniform performance of your business-critical applications.

Security Testing

Security breaches can have significant consequences, such as damaging end-user trust and leading to legal consequences.

In Testrig They Trust

Our Clients

We are a relationships-first company, and the hallmark of this core value is our continued association with our first customer since inception.

Let’s connect to forge a new relationship.

Where There’s A Tool There’s A Way

Proficiency in multiple testing platforms


Years of Business


(5/5) Client Rate us


Testing Tools


Certified QA professionals




Happy Clients

Quality.Catalyzed – Across Engagements

Business models for best-fit outcomes

Proof of Concepts where ideas
build project confidence
Hybrid Models for the perfect combo
of on-shore of-shore expertise
Dedicated Teams depending on
the breadth of QA
Fixed Price Cost Model mapped to
meet all SLAs and milestones

Ultimately – ‘Flawless’ Is The Pillar Of Our Success

Evident in positive word of mouth

Parimal and his team have been instrumental in helping us test and build the beta version and early release of Avorra. A concern and problem we’ve experienced in the past with offshore contractors is lack of communication and professionalism – it starts out well and dwindles over time. Parimal is extremely professional, is excellent at communicating regularly and goes way above and beyond for us…and we’re certainly not his biggest client. Stuff like building out an automated proof of concept in Selenium free of charge (on their dime) to demonstrate how we could be testing better on our project blew me away. And not charging for every minute of time he works on our project fielding questions and small tasks are added Brownie Points. Parimal really cares about the project winning and puts in discretionary effort, and THAT’S the kind of players we want on our team.

Cameron Clancy(CEO)Avorra

We selected Testrig as our QA partner over 16 months ago and they have been a key addition to our product team. Parimal and his team members have consistently provided the level of service and interaction what we have been searching for. They have worked seamlessly with both our development group and with product management. They are a valued addition and I would definitely recommend Testrig to any company looking for highly reliable and professional QA services.

Wayne McHugh(COO)Ganart Technologies Inc

I’ve been working with Testrig for the past three years to help our programmers speed up and improve our development process. Testrig has been consistently thorough and professional in their work, and has helped us find innumerable and important bugs. They have also been very helpful in taking a broader understanding of our business and offering helpful usability suggestions to improve our sites. Their great work has enabled our developers to focus more thoroughly on high quality product development. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses and development teams.

Javier Colayco(Founder)Boarding School Review

TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services.

Gabriel Fenton(CEO)Upstock

We have partnered with Testrig Technologies for Cloud testing and appreciate the work done by the team. They helped us in setting up complete QA process and delivered quality work.

Shashikant Mundlik(Co-founder)Cloudaeon

At Operance, we are so pleased to have TestRig as our QA testing partner. From the first engagement, they demonstrated professionalism and that they understood our requirements. Our TestRig QA Tester quickly settled in as a member of our team and took ownership of our QA requirements leaving our development team to focus on what they do best. The product stakeholders have commented how happy they are now that many bugs are being found proactively and usually before any users have had chance to find them which continuously improves the lives of our users.

Tim Mutlow (Chief Technology Officer )
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